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How to Lose Weight Fast in Month : 7 Best Exercise


Walking is an ideal exercise, for this you don’t need to spend any extra cost for gym member ship, you just need decent pair of shoes, if you walk at pace of 4 mile per hour then it burns 5to 8 calories every minute. Walking is an ideal exercise for those, who is suffering from certain health issue as heart disease and obesity, it is low intensity and weight loss activity that can led to better overall health, as well as better mental wellbeing.


Swimming is king of all exercise it is an effective exercise to get rid of obesity, it is one of the low impact exercise which strengthen our muscle and bones, it is one of the ideal exercise for women, who is at last trimester of pregnancy and it is  also very effective for who is suffering from Arthritis. An hour of vigorous swimming burns 400 to 700 calories an hour.


Bicycling is another low impact and high reward Activity for weight Loss, outdoor cycling is best because varied terrain enable you to well rounded workout which not only strength your lower body rather it is very good cardiovascular workout, Cycling can burn anywhere 372 to 1100 calories per hour.


If you love running then you are in luck. You just need decent pair of shoes, running is not only helpful to reduce weight but it also prevent many deadly diseases as heart disease and cholesterol an hours of running burns 600 calories per hour and it also give strength to bone and muscles of your legs.


This is another good exercise for losing weight, here it is does not matter that you are good tennis player or not rather while playing this game when you run after the ball is still form of exercise, a good game of Tennis burns 600 calories per hour.

Cross country skiing

if you are fond of exploring the world and love cold weather and fond of adventure sport then this game is perfect for you , cross country skiing is combination of resistance training and cardio activity and it burns 500 to 650 calories per hour.

Jumping rope

This is another best and popular activity to reduce your weight it provide strength to muscles of your body and stimulates your bone to grow vertically an hour of jumping rope burns 800 calories per hour.

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