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Ten Brutal Punishment in Medieval Age; You Must Know It

History is quite interesting subject, we all are curious to know about people of medieval age as their life style, culture and traditions. But here we are sharing you some offbeat things; actually here we are sharing some punishment given by people of medieval age to accused of crime like assassinate, robbery, treason and witchcraft these punishment was quite harsh so read and decide that how far these things are justified.
Burning at the stake

Originally burning at the stake was primarily used for women; if she found accused of treason. Later burning at the stake became popular punishment for men. Law required that victim must strangled before burning at stake, but they were still many victims were burned deliberately alive. This violence used as both punishment and warning, similar to sacrificing criminal in front of large crowd. Burning at the stake was popular in catholic and protestant lands. There were three methods of burning at the stake. In first method, the prisoner tied with chain and hung from stake then wood were piled around the stake driven into the earth. In second method, it was popular for punishing witches in this method wood was piled high around the victim so the observer could not see her pain. In third method, victim was ties to ladder above the frame which was tied to frame above the fire; it was popular in Germany in ancient time.

Stretched on the Rack

This was another brutal method for punishing accused person in medieval period. In this method, two legs and hands of convicted person tied with four corner of the rectangular frame and it was stretched with help of roller until the body of person gets torn.

Death by Boiling

In this method of punishment person was immersed in a boiling liquid such as oil or water. This brutal punishment was practiced in Asia and Europe. Couple of decades ago, in Uzbekistan under regime of Islam Karimov a number of terrorist was death by boiling. During the 12th and 13th century in Magnolia defeated khans were sometime boiled alive.

Sawed in half
It was brutal method of punishing people, in medieval time it was practiced in Europe under the Roman Empire in Spain and part of the Asia. In this method person is cut in two half either sagitally or transversely. Literally different methods of sawing have been observed. In case of Morocco, it was stated that sawing was lengthwise both from the groin and upwards, and from the skull and downward.

Crushed under by elephant
It was famous method of punishment as we all read in history. It is still in practice in country like Thailand, Iran, Iraq and Indonesia. Usually convicted person was crushed by wild Elephant. These elephants were specially trained able kills victims immediately and to torture then slowly over a prolonged period.


It was very harsh form of capital punishment, in this method of execution bodies of person penetrate by an object such as pole or spear. It was particularly in response to crime against state. It is still in practice in country like Pakistan, China and Japan.

The breaking wheel

It was another method of capital punishment, it is also known as Catherine wheel, was a torture device used for capital punishment. Literally in some country like Iran, Iraq it is still in practice. In this method of capital punishment body of the convicted person tied with wheel and with the turning of the wheel, the bone in his body would slowly break, leading to painful death.


This was another painful punishment in ancient time; literally it was used for torture the convicted. This method of torture was famous in Mesopotamia, in this method of punishment humans were often punished or tortured by being skinned alive. Depending on the amount of skin removed.

Brazen Bull
This was quite harsh way of capital punishment, developed by ancient Greek in middle age. This device was made of bronze, in the shape and size of actual bull. The fire would be set beneath the bull and the condemned person would be locked inside the bull, heating the bronze till the person inside got roasted to death.

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